Frequently Asked Questions



Who is Victoria Amory? 

Victoria Amory is an award winning author, passionate cook and television personality. She writes about food, entertaining and lifestyle for magazines, newspapers and websites such as Food & Wine, Town & Country, Veranda, The Miami Herald and the Huffington Post. Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, where she learned the art of gracious entertaining, Victoria has made cooking for her loved ones and sharing her secrets to easy elegance her life's work.

Victoria Amory believes in turning everyday meals into everyday feasts and wants to share that passion with you via her award-winning cookbooks and lifestyle TV shows--which you can see on YouTube. Launching the collection of artisanal foods has been a labor of love and....lots of work!  

How did Victoria Amory start her company?

Victoria Amory & Co. started at one of her sons’ school fundraisers where over 200 jars of savory sauces sold out in 10 minutes. Clearly there was a demand for her products! Her collection of Victoria Amory & Co. sauces and condiments is designed to help anyone create graceful and memorable eating experiences with ease and confidence. 

Where are Victoria Amory & Co. products sold?

Our artisanal condiments can be purchased at our on-line shop and in gourmet shops throughout the country in such places as Zabar's, Dean & Deluca, Whole Foods, Sur La Table, The Pasta Shop, Di Bruno Brothers and many more. We are even available in Hawaii, Bermuda and at Harrods in London, England! Check out the entire list on the “Stores” page. 

How are Victoria Amory & Co. cooking sauces and condiments manufactured?

All of our high-quality condiments and cooking sauces are handcrafted at a small U.S. factory that was chosen for its ability to faithfully produce our all-natural recipes. As Victoria says, “Great ingredients make great meals," so, all the ingredients that are used in her foods are carefully selected: all our ingredients are non-gmo certified from the extra virgin olive oil, to the aged sherry vinegar, to the fresh lemon juice, and the cage-free eggs. 

Are the Victoria Amory condiments GMO-FREE? 

Yes, they are most assuredly are GMO-FREE and all-natural. It is very important to us that our products are made without synthetic preservatives, chemicals, fillers or weird additives of any kind. We do not use any corn syrup or additives to our products. 

I see this on the mayonnaise label, what are Tocopherols? 

Tocopehrols are a family of vitamin E compounds that act as a natural preservative. It is added to the mayonnaise to prevent the extra virgin olive oil from turning rancid. It is a natural plant based ingredients that comes from Rosemary. 

How can I contact Victoria Amory?

Go to “Contact Us” in the website navigation bar and send us an email. We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where can I purchase Victoria Amory books? 

"Palm Beach Entertaining" is available in national bookstores and also through"Delicious" and "Delicious Flavors" are both out of print but some copies are available through Just search for “Victoria Amory.” 




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