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Patatas San Leandro (Baked Potatoes with Smoked Salmon & Hollandaise)

I was introduced to this exquisit recipe at San Leandro, a restaurant in Seville, Spain, that sadly is no longer open. I love the simplicity and yet the sophistication of this 3 ingredient dish. It is perfect for entertaining as the ingredients are easily kept warm (in case of the potatoes & Hollandaise) and cold (in case of the smoked salmon) and it is very easy to put together just before serving. Boiled or baked potatoes are seasoned with a little butter, topped with slices of smoked salmon and then covered in Hollandaise sauce. 

We make our own Hollandaise sauce with our Classic Lemon Mayonnaise. 

In a double boiler warm a jar of Classic Lemon Mayonnaise, add 2 tablespoons of melted butter and mix well. Keep warm until ready to serve in the water bath.  Season with salt and pepper (our sauces are naturally low in sodium) and serve warm over the smoked salmon.