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Let Me Tell You: Collecting & Collections

I have always loved to collect objects and accessories for the table. Rather than furniture or paintings, my passion has always been on entertaining, table setting and cooking. Each house that I have ever lived, had its own character and thus, its own colorway. For example, in Southampto most of the china and tableware was in the green and white shades, antique majolica, French ceramics, Mottahaden leaves. In Palm Beach it was all about corals and reds and pinks mixed with rattan and pale colored linens. The house is St. Martins was really the most simple and all white table settings made it easy to maintain and to add to.  My first Greenwich house was black, white, brown and beige. It sounds weird but it was actually beautifully decorated by Mica Ertegun and her team. This very subtle system worked perfectly and there was little confusion on what went where. 

Setting the table is always a way to be creative and stylish. I dont think I have ever set the table the same way twice. There is always something slightly different: a fold of a napkin, a vase of flowers, an object... it is not about having a lot, but rather about loving what you do have and using it all.

 Let me tell you: After the divorce, my ex-husband and his son-from-another-mother (aka Little M.)  have kept all my collections. They have refused to return to me my baby photo albums, my family’s silver from Spain, my antique cookbook collection and even my mother's Balenciaga dresses that I had stored in the basement. All my china, crystal and ceramics collections are being now used by Little M's new wife ( aka Lil’J.) who has started a business selling linens from India, and is using them to photograph her wares. The girl doesn't have an ounce of style or any original taste whatsoever. I am so glad that, at least, my plates are the only things that look pretty in her uninspired photographs.