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“Palm Beach” Cheese Puffs

The first recipe I learned when I moved to Palm Beach.... ufff a million years ago, was to make these Cheese Puffs. Every house we went to had a version of them, some really fancy, others a bit more casually made, but all in all delicious and the perfect bite to have with drinks.

Make a paste with grated Parmesan cheese, minced onions and my Classic Lemon Mayonnaise, season with ground black pepper and a touch of chili powder. Using a teaspoon, spoon a small mound on the toast and bake until melted and lightly golden on top. Serve hot. 

I loved them so much that one day, I thought to make my version of Welsh Rarebit and had the mixture on toast with a salad. So, it was a bit too much and certainly a bit heavy, but since then, I have created this other recipe perfect for a ladies lunch when just a few bites of this heavenly mixture is all you Need. 

Frozen puff pastry is perhaps one of my favorite “tools” when entertaining. It makes everything a little more elegant... in a casual and comforting way. Puff pastry shells filled with the cheese mixture and served alongside a shrimp salad is a great combination of a little decadent and a little healthy. Follow this dish with a warm fruity dessert and your friends will never leave your table.