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On Opinions.

On my last birthday, (not a major one... just one of those boring ones in the middle) I realized that one of the things I love about growing up, is actually growing old. Maturing, growing and accepting it all is what makes me embrace all the changes that are happening with myself. Well that is just fine, we all grow older, but what I really like is that now I can have opinions and express them with the utmost aplomb. I have gained this right because I have experienced, tried, tasted, worn, decorated with, used and eaten a huge amount of things. And have learned (I hope!) along the way to differentiate the good from the bad, the classic from the trendy, the elegant from the fussy.

Making mistakes and having to live with them is the sure way to not repeat the error. We are so fortunate that we can re-do... in life, in love, at work, at home.... Second, third and an infinite number of chances to create new experiences, new homes, new lives and the wisdom to make them better. At some point in the process, we learn to make the right choice and it all comes together. With maturity in one arm and excitement in the other we move on.

Granted that there are a few of these mistakes that are more difficult to get rid of than others. That ugly lamp, for instance, is easier to donate than it is to get rid of toxic people in your life, but even then, the process exists to split and block and ban and not allow and sell. Accepting that process is just part of the plan and using it to the extend that we can is what allows us to move on, to end, to finish. I am a true believer in learning from mistakes. In turning a bad expirience into a good lesson. In accepting the error and making a mental note to never do it again. And, with kindness and wisdom accept it and move on.

Having always been opinionated, my friends will attest to this, now I can say that my opinions are based on experience and wisdom earned. As a young person our opinions are formed by what we learn and hear from those around us. It takes time, wisdom and maturity to start forming your own and differentiate them between yours and theirs. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been sourounded by fabulous, elegant and strong women who have inspired me and taught me all I know. And I am proud to carry their “opinions” with me.

Age and wisdom has now given me the right to be even more opinionated and decisive. However, I have learned to pause before forming a radical opinion. I have learned to do a bit of research, to read and to study (even if it is jut a quick google search), to not be so quick to be critical and negative, to look on the other side. There was a time a few years ago, when I was surrounded by very negative and critical people which, I know now, was causing me a huge amount of stress and unhappiness. My decisions and opinions during these turbulent years were marred by what was around me. So I understand the pressure of being manipulated into forming the wrong opinions and the gargantuan strength it takes to keep your own.

Opinions should evolve as we do. My opinions when I was 20 years old are quite different than today.- This is called growing up and maturing. And I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to do so. 

And so I have developed opinions on everything from food, decorations, clothes, jewelry, people, Tv shows.... if you ever want my two cents, call me! I’d be so happy to share!