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Let Me Tell You: The White Shirt.

As fabulous as a white shirt and a ruffled skirt, as classic as a white candles on the table and as perfect as a white tablecloth.The white shirt goes with everything, from bluejeans to evening skirts and it is always fresh, elegant and oh so modern. I have always loved this look as it reminds me of flamenco parties, chic country life and balmy summer nights. I love the mixture of the masculine white shirt with rolled up sleeves and the feminine fitted ruffled skirt. Juxtaposition? Absolutely. 

This photo was published in Palm Beach Illustrated in, gosh, a million years ago. I had just published my second cookbook and so proud to fit into this Oscar de la Renta skirt which I bought, as a congratulatory present, when I lost weight from my pregnancies.  

Living in Palm Beach was a great learning experience for me. It was really a balancing act of all the things I wanted to  accomplish both at a personal and a professional level. At home, I wanted to spend quality time with my boys and teach them about all the things that are important to me... gentleman qualities, manners, style, taste... Those hours in the afternoon and early evening were magical. Having dinner with them was the highlight of my day and one that I looked forward to. I was constantly being pulled away to go to inane cocktail parties by now ex-husband who liked going to the "opening of a door". And after a few arguments about the importance of parenting I realized that that we would never agree. - It all changed when I just didn't tell him about these early events and we went out, later, to dinner. 

Professionally, I had the incredible fortune to write an entertaining column for our local newspaper The Palm Beach Daily News, aka the "Shinny Sheet" and then continue on to write for most national glossies. It was fulfilling and creative and a great way to start my culinary & food-writing  career. Entertaining at home has always been a passion and writing about it and sharing it with other people was how I made it even more meaningfull to me. 

Let Me Tell You! Simple is always best, less is more, the essence of elegance is simplicity... and so, we go back to a perfect white shirt and a ruffle skirt. It is not a new look, nor has it been invented recently. It has been around since.... well, perhaps sliced bread? My guess would be even before. I have been a huge fan of this look, well, forever and  specially in the summer months. In any case, I love it.