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Fall Lunch at Home

Entertaining has always been my passion; I don't need an excuse to invite friends to my house. Creating the menu and setting the table is my way of making sure that my friends are well looked after and feel comfortable during the few hours they are at home. 

I learned from my mother the art of creating a menu. And an art it is.- From hors d'ouvres to dessert, the meal has to be balanced, complement each other, not be repetitive and be on time. So, yes, timing is essential as is having everything prepared before guests arrive, serve seasonal food and not repeat ingredients between courses. 

Classic menus are those that stand the test of time for a reason. Having a small array of recipes that go well together and are easy to achieve well, will make your entertaining life not only easier but so much fun too. 

For this fall lunch, I made Creamy Tomato Soup as a first course served with cheese crostini. The main course was scrambled eggs with smoked salmon garnished with salmon roe. And to end, my favorite early Fall dessert of roasted peaches with orange scented cream.