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Victoria's Tips on Flowers for the Table

Victoria's Tips on Flowers for the Table

1. Use the same type of flower or the same color in each room. 

2. The flowers on the table have to be cut low.- Sit at the table and if you can't see the person across the way, snip the stalks until you do. (Unless, of course, you don't want your friends to talk to each other!) 

3. Even with flowers, less is more. A pretty arrangement on a well lit spot is more elegant than huge masses of oversize flowers on every table. 

4. On the table, use flowers that don't have a lot of aroma like lilies and roses as they will interfere with the aroma and flavors of the food. 

5. When making large arrangements, I prefer to use vases that are opaque so as not to see the stalks of the flowers. And I love Mint Julep cups, colored crystal, old perfume bottles;  just about anything that can hold water can hold flowers. For small one-or-two stalks arraignments, little glass jars are perfect and add a sense of continuity. 

6. Small plants are also a great idea for decorating the table. I "plant them" in cachepots or bowls that coordinate with the tablecloth and the food! Always keeping them short and below eye level.