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Victoria’s Fine Herbs Table Decor

Decorating the table is an exercise of restrain. Really. In this case, more is not merrier, less is always best and we must edit, edit, edit. At home, everyday meals turn to feasts when a I place a few accessories on the table. Making a weeknight super a moment of tranquility and comfort. I use objets just because they are easily available. Everything, and anything, works.

I adore using herbs as decor because I always seem to have a bunch of them around and it is so easy to take them from the window sill to the table. They are inexpensive so it is perfect to decorate larger events, and then, after they have served their purpose at the table, I chop them, bag them and freeze them for later use. All in all... brilliant.

Bunches of parsley in white ceramics bowls are placed at different heights on the table. I used both flat leaf and Italian to keep it in the same color but with a different texture. Use herbs that are not too aromatic so as not to compete with the flavor and aroma of the food.- For instance, avoid lavander, rosemary or oregano as they are too pungent. 

For this table, I used sage and tarragon leaves from the garden in orange mugs. The beautiful celadon color of the sage leaves matched the two toned melon tureens and tied all the colors together creating a sophisticated and colorful setting. 

My tip: Keep the bunches short and tight, nothing worse than having to strain over flower or decorations when trying to talk to the person across the table.