About Victoria Amory


As a Spaniard, I believe it is in my DNA to be hospitable and welcoming. I follow my passion for cooking and entertaining, sharing recipes, ideas, what-to-do, how-to do-it and when-to-do-it is my favorite subject of conversation. My siblings and I grew up between Madrid (where we went to school) and our farm in Sevilla (where we spent all holidays). My sisters and I spent our teenage years at boarding school in England. In my early 20’s, I moved from Madrid to NYC. Now I live in Greenwich, CT. I learned the art of gracious entertaining from my parents, the count and countess de la Maza, who always included us in the preparation and planning of all their events. Whether in town or in the country, our house was always full of family and friends and every meal was a memorable occasion.

I have always loved inviting friends to my house, wherever that may be: from a tiny apartment in the city, to weekend rentals and now at home. Cooking for my family and friends is my refuge and haven, it is how I give back, it is my source of comfort and inspiration. It is a ritual that I embrace wholeheartedly and yes, it does take time but the time spent giving back, sharing, caring and loving those around me is a good time.

In 2003 Palm Beach Cottages & Gardens, a new magazine, and Palm Beach Daily News, our local paper published my first article on entertaining at home... and then bi-weekly for three years. Since then, I have written for Veranda, Town & Country Travel, Food & Wine, The Miami Herald, Palm Beach Illustrated and The Huffington Post, among many other publications. I am a regular contributor to Hamptons Cottages & Gardens, My Food My Health, Azure Azure, The Daily Basics, Indagare and Muses & Visionaries Magazine. My houses, table-settings, recipes and ideas have been published in House Beautiful, Elle Décor, Telva, Southern Accents, Ocean Drive, Florida Travel & Life, Florida Table and HC&G. I have done a bit of television both for local and national shows and produced a short-lived show for PBS called "Delicious Entertaining". In 2012 I taped 44 episodes for Spain’s CanalDecasa TV and created two separate TV shows: "Las Mansiones de los Hamptons" and “Celebraciones con Victoria Amory”, which are still on the air 4 times a day. 

Victoria Amory & Co. started after a school fundraising effort where we sold over 200 jars of savory sauces in 10 minutes. In 2012 I developed a line of cooking sauces and foods that were sold on HSN and then, in 2014 I launched the award winning sauces and condiments which are sold nationally and through my website. 

I like to share my experiences, disasters, achievements and just everyday knowledge with all my friends, as I think that this is what makes us real and true. This is why I created a line of sauces and condiments: to help you make everyday meals and entertaining easy, effortless and fun. Follow our recipes and ideas, use our products to enhance your everyday foods and help us by sharing in your social media.

I hope you love my foods as much as I do! 



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